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“One who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.”


Critical Use Cases
⚙️ AI-Based Cyber-Security Site/Domain/Sub-domain Assets Scanner w/Reports & Mitigation Recommendations
⚙️ 100% Anonymous Covid-19 Symptoms Checker (36 languages!)
⚙️ Disease Symptoms Checker (e.g. from data & images for covid-19, diabetes)
⚙️ Product Sales Projections (any store)
⚙️ Analytics Reviewer (e.g. clinical trials)
⚙️ ...more use-cases are being worked on by our teams.

⚙️ AI Tools
- Marketplace Solutions
(LLM GPT-4 commercial stable API for PoCs and/or integrations)
(AI Safety isn't advanced through censorship)
(anti-prompt-engineering data injections/attacks)
(Every company and individual should have access to their own 100% private LLM)
⚙️ DialogFlow
- Pure Google DialogFlow ES & CX
- In-Depth Integrations
- Enhancing All Our DEMOCRATIZED Privacy-First Tools!
- "On-The-Fly" Learning-AI That Gets Better With Time!
- Linear & Non-Linear Dialogs
- Multiple Use-Cases-Capable
- Custom-Coded Actions
- More Intuitive User Nav
- Custom Actions & Forms
- Deploy: Multiple Messaging Channels
(e.g. Slack, Twilio)
- Anonymized Data Interactions
- Multiple Languages Capable
- Bias-Shielded
- Sentiment-Based Response Hooks
- Algorithmic-Auditable 
- LIVE-Agent Hand-Offs
- Custom-Fulfillment Hooks
- REST APIs Integrations
- GraphQL Integrations
- Node.js Integrations
- Rich Responses & Custom Payloads
- Custom Target-Platform Deployments
- Custom Experimentation-Capable
- 100% Green-Hosted Apps & Servers
- 100% USA Integrated & Built
- Custom modules & pipelines.
- Collaborative-Ready 
- Authenticated & authorized access to APIs.
- SSO & SAML connections.
- Anonymized (de'ID'd) conversations with anonymized visit-data collection.
- "Beyond HIPAA" secured, i.e. data-in-flight AND data-at-rest.
- Custom NLU/NLP Tweaks
⚙️ Your Custom Trained Models Integrations (Audio, Video & Text):
Uses: for doc analysis, image classification, object-detection in videos or audio recognition (sound/speech)
- Custom NO-CODE
- AI Models
- Deploy as web apps!
- Connect with API to *any* app!
⚙️ Open Source:
- Custom-coded servers.
- Custom deployments, i.e. front-end & back-end.
- Blockchain'ed data API'd as dApps.
⚙️ Turing Test?
Achieved by "on-the-fly" deep-learning for context-connections we make and specifically to connect different intents "in-context" or optimize them with follow-up intents to make interactions more natural against a fact-based KB(s).
i.e. We add the input and output contexts or follow-up intents (fuzzy) to the specific intents to make them capable to handle this VERY IMPORTANT feature. Other custom optimizations in this specific area (for core & deployments) are under aggressive development sprints as well.

Transform your hospital, urgent care facility or any other practice scenario/location and improve patient and staff experience with our AI-powered assistants.

⚙️ Examples / use cases:
- Consult patients before surgeries
- Schedule appointments
- Collect feedback from patients
- Optimize internal processes like medical coding

Improve the patient experience through our AI assistants that make your life easier.

⚙️ Examples / use cases:
- Onboard new patients
- Schedule appointments
- Remind patients for appointments
- Collect feedback from patients

Empower your staff with our AI-powered co-worker. 

⚙️ Examples / use cases: 
- Answer questions about medication
- Order new medication
- Keep track of delivery status
- Remind patients to take medication

Reduce the friction of using your app or content with our AI powered assistants.

⚙️ Examples / use cases:
- Onboard new users
- Manage contract details like payment info
- Upgrade to new plans
- Handle repetitive customer support questions

Our AI assistants can support your members throughout the whole life-cycle.
Healthcare. Generators & more!

⚙️ AI Tools
⚙️ Examples / use cases:
- Choose the right health plan
- Change contact details like address
- Check the status of claims
- Answer questions about billing

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